Creativity was the central theme of the Bertelsmann Party 2014, which was attended by a spectacular array of guests from media, business, politics, sport and public life. On the three storeys of Bertelsmann’s representative premises in Berlin, they were treated to a first-hand experience of some of the best-known examples of the media company’s creative variety.

The news area showed recent headlines from Gruner + Jahr magazines projected onto large balloons. Simultaneously, guests were able to follow the latest postings in the Bertelsmann Social Media Cloud live.

The 1st upper floor of the Bertelsmann building was an homage to the creativity of the top music stars who have entrusted their music rights to BMG. The spectacular UFA cinema production ‘The Physician’ gave guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Orient. Original costumes and props paid tribute to the filming and box-office success of this opulent production.

Under the motto ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, RTL’s successful ‘jungle camp’ format enticed guests out onto the roof terrace. An installation of tropical plants, branches entwined with creepers and images of exotic animals on digital picture frames created a jungle feeling above the roofs of Berlin.

‘Die Küchenchefs’ Martin Baudrexel, Mario Kotaska and Ralf Zacherl from the show by the same name on Vox served up exclusive titbits and offered insights into their culinary art.

Even the catering from Gastico and Catering’s Best reflected the creativity themes of the various rooms – including tastings of fried locusts and insect lollies…

The extensive media coverage of the event once again confirmed the fact that the Bertelsmann Party has become one of the most sought-after party events in Berlin.