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Henrike Nordmann has been working in event management for 25 years. With enormous enthusiasm, and the common sense instilled by her Eastern Westphalian roots that help her guide projects sensibly and reliably to a successful conclusion, her professionalism, loyalty and well-informed, honest advice have earned her the longstanding trust of her customers.

One of the secrets to her success – before founding Nordmann Event Consulting in 2001, she had already gathered ten years of experience in the event management department of a major corporation. To this day, it continues to shape and inform her working practices. What does the customer really need? What approval processes are they subject to? What will make life easier for them? How would they like to be advised? If you can answer these questions from your own experience, you can develop the solutions your customers need.

Henrike Nordmann gets to the heart of the matter and stays in the background. Her career has been shaped by encounters with many renowned companies and multipliers. During her time on the customer side, she gained a wealth of experience in dealing with agencies and service providers, and eventually concluded that by providing efficient consultation and operational support in event management, she could generate real added value for companies. Why does she value long-term partnerships with clients so highly? She knows from personal experience that a consistent approach and being attuned to a company’s development processes significantly increase the decision-making precision required to make investments in events pay off.

As a wanderer between worlds, Henrike Nordmann developed a passion for Asian cultures and lifestyles, as well as for the Asian business world, very early on. She has organised and supervised many high-profile events in China, India and Southeast Asia for German and international companies and institutions. From scientific congresses to conferences and supporting programmes for events – even in distant lands, she will ensure the success of your projects through an outstanding network of local Partners.


  • Self-employed since 2001: event consulting and project management for SMEs and large corporations and institutions worldwide
  • Consulting services for the construction and launch of family-owned or company premises as event Locations
  • Head of the Bertelsmann AG Event Group
  • Planning and organisation of programme of events and protocol in Bertelsmann’s ‘Planet M’ at Expo 2000 in Hanover
  • Provision of support in developing the event management for a large number of high-profile, international events at the Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Head of events und incentives projects in a marketing and sales promotion agency