Personal, discreet, reliable

Nordmann Event Consulting provides an experienced team led by Managing Director Henrike Nordmann. We think that every client deserves our personal attention and the best possible service. We value long-term partnerships based on mutual trust. We believe that the best solutions are created when people work together, and have good contacts with the most creative, innovative and well-known minds in the sector.

We also suspect that our Eastern Westphalian origins are responsible for our pragmatism. So you need someone to handle the target group analysis or prepare the presentation for the executive board? Someone who will jump into the car and check the location? Our clients, many of whom have been loyal to us for many years, have long discovered us as a useful partner to call on for small ‘routine jobs’ – even while they work with us to stage impactful, emotional events on a grand scale. In Berlin, Beijing, or anywhere on the planet.