This international symposium in the Philharmonie Essen concert hall revolved around the responsibility of politics and society for cultural education in Europe.

It was organised by Stiftung Mercator in partnership with N-EC.

The foundation invited some 350 experts to Essen to discuss the fundamental importance of cultural education in teaching and learning. By hosting this symposium, Stiftung Mercator raised awareness for the importance of cultural education.

Event concept: ‘Don’t just talk about young people, talk to them’

The interactions between all the social stakeholders involved in cultural education and partnerships with teachers, performers, creative artists and authorities involved in the mediation process are just as important as looking at the international context.

Children and young people are the target group for cultural education efforts, which should revolve around their needs and wishes. For this reason, the Youth Symposium Arts for Education! took place at the same time as the International Symposium. 100 young people aged between 16 and 20 from 33 European countries and Israel met here to discuss their expectations and wishes regarding cultural education. The Arts for Education! event was a cooperation between Stiftung Mercator and the Goethe Institute.