‘The Future of Reading’ was the theme of the Bertelsmann Party 2013 in Berlin. Nordmann Event Consulting has been responsible for managing this event from start to finish since as long ago as 2003.

The 2013 party provided an atmospheric stage for highlighting the diversity of literature and people’s new love of printed and e-books. The programme and interior design took their cue from a variety of literary genres, showcasing them in extraordinary presentations.

High density of celebrity guests under the clear blue skies of the German capital

More than 600 prominent guests from the worlds of media, culture, politics, sport, business and science, including Günther Jauch, Guido Westerwelle, Verona Pooth and Wladimir Klitschko, accepted Liz Mohn and Thomas Rabe’s invitation. On the ground floor of Bertelsmann’s Berlin premises, celebrity chef Tim Mälzer was cooking live and signing copies of his new cookbook for guests. The authentic coffeehouse setting created in the adjoining conservatory was enhanced with two professional baristas and exquisite coffee-table books.

On the 1st upper floor the focus was on knowledge. A tree of books presented modern eReaders and non-fiction titles; fittingly, ‘brain food’ was served on this floor. On the 2nd upper floor, thriller fans were treated to authentic dishes from classic crime novels in a setting inspired by famous detective stories.

The roof terrace under Berlin’s nighttime sky was dedicated to the fantasy genre and decorated with stylised dragons and glowing monoliths. Here, origami artists entranced guests with artfully folded mythical beasts. N-EC was able to win the jazz band ‘Jasper’ to provide musical entertainment at the Bertelsmann Party 2013, where they served up classic jazz titles and all-time hits to inspire the guests.