Success through live communication

Should you work with a German live communications specialist if you are organising an event in Beijing or Mumbai? Our recommendation: yes, absolutely. Experience has shown that our idea about what makes an event successful don’t necessarily correspond to those in the host Country.

Nordmann Event Consulting has a first-class network of contacts in Asia. We ensure that your messages, corporate culture and roots are authentically communicated in the regional and cultural context of the host country. Our know-how in Asia and the international network of contacts we have cultivated over the years help to shield you from unpleasant experiences and unnecessary expenses on a continent that we love almost as much as Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

Nordmann Event Consulting ensures that your standards and aspirations are implemented to the best possible effect in the destination country. After all, as a business or institution, you want to radiate local cultural competence and leverage your event to achieve communication goals in both worlds. At the same time, we put you in touch with the latest locations, hotels, restaurants and service providers at the best rates.

Do you have a production facility in China? Want to organise a conference in Beijing? Trying to gain a foothold in India? A systematic and targeted use of professionally planned live communications will strengthen your network even into the world of politics. For a modest investment of time and effort, you can become a topic of conversation, make valuable contacts, and establish a footprint in rapidly growing countries.

From China, India, Singapore and Malaysia to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the emerging nation of Myanmar – Nordmann Event Consulting supports your plans wherever you need communications work done. For example, we had the great honour of being the first German event agency to run an event series at the National Museum of China in Beijing on behalf of the Stiftung Mercator foundation.

Naturally, we are also very well connected in Europe and other continents. Where would you like to position your business? How can we help you?